Scale your business operations

Your business grows exponentially when you streamline processes and provide a high-quality experience for your customers.

Lead efficient, coordinated operations
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  • Vendor and supplier onboarding and contracts, simple and paperless
  • Field staff communication via mobile devices and SmartForms
  • Authorized expenditures automatically routed to company financial systems
  • Workflows integrated with your warehouse management system
  • Warehouse stock managed and allocated to customers, in one app
  • Better tracking systems for managing retail returns
  • Dashboards show inventory status, nationwide or worldwide
  • Centralized management of all assets—buildings, facilities, and equipment
  • Safety checks completed electronically, with appropriate teams notified for follow-up
  • A single system for completing quality control checklists and documenting corrections
  • Streamline management of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Re-allocate or redefine resources and budget organization-wide
  • Track process progress from product/business roadmaps to post mortem review to a continuous improvement plan
  • Automate communications of changes to employees and implement training where appropriate
  • High standards supported with user-friendly checklists and forms
  • Paperless audits save time, with everyone coordinated
“K2 paid for itself with the very first app we developed. Time after time, K2 enables PD Ports to improve our efficiency and competitiveness.”
Nathan Clarke, Business Analyst, PD Ports
Automate business operations

Growth and profitability are vital to your company’s success, which is why operational excellence is crucial across your business. Automating business operations helps keep your systems and processes efficient so you can work on improving the effectiveness of your products and services. Worrying less about process allows you to focus on your pricing strategy, quality improvement, and organizational productivity, all of which deliver back to your company’s bottom line.

Operations teams worldwide rely on K2


Major UK ports, better managed with automated processes

With 300 orders processed each day via a K2 workflow, PD Ports is saving 3 hours a week per employee.

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