Greater yield and production in oil and gas

Achieve greater productivity and efficiencies with improved downstream and upstream processes.

Oil & gas companies worldwide count on K2
  • Monitor and generate drilling morning reports around any anomalies
  • Drive all personnel, drilling and reservoir engineers, geologists, service rig operators, etc. through the necessary training to educate them on safety risks and policies
  • Generate and send the necessary information to meet well permit requirements to regulatory compliance firms
  • Field workers can submit requests or information using mobile online/offline capabilities back to crew offsite
  • Manage field service tickets and re-route accordingly to the right personnel when escalation is required
  • Manage CapEx approvals for asset purchase and asset disposals
  • Streamline transportation and distribution to customers across multiple locations
  • Track volumes through various transportation methods in one view and automatically notify customers when a shipment is on the way
  • Monitor field processing and track rates of oil, gas, and water within reservoirs to determine oil value
  • Manage request forms and approvals for all cross-border pipeline expansions
  • Alert staff when smart sensors catch anomalies in pressure, flow, and level of oil in pressure wells
  • Minimize costs and health and safety risks with corrosion monitoring and manage refinery maintenance schedules accordingly
  • Create incident report management system and improve or remove any risky or hazardous items or processes
  • Digitize inspection processes and use real-time data to determine any asset repairs or replacements
  • Handle well issues and minimize downtime while gathering real-time data to determine the fix and value of the workover
  • Improve plant maintenance operations for better work order data quality
  • Auto-generate customer invoices with contract details and immediately update accounting records for accounts receivable
  • Track claims and policy information easily
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“K2 is really a great value add because, to date, we're doing things 100% without code.”
IT Manager, Leading Natural Gas Company
Transforming processes in the oil & gas industry

Opportunities to digitally transform the oil and gas industry are endless. From oil wells to refinery, automation can greatly improve operations and increase productivity while helping you reduce total cost of ownership. Whether offshore or onshore, or offsite or onsite, simplify processes and interactions that span all your resources so you can focus on improving industrial yield for your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Oil & gas companies worldwide rely on K2


Digitizing workflows saves ASX-listed energy company 3,800 hours

In just 6 months, this Australian energy company was able to overhaul and digitize 26 workflows, increasing productivity across the company.

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