IT that drives change

Deliver more solutions that help your company overcome simple and mission-critical challenges with less code.

Technology achievements with time-saving automation
  • Internal help desk requests easily managed and resolved through automatic ticket routing and updates
  • Change orders made easy through automated scheduling
    Accelerated approvals for equipment with an automated process
  • Clear inventory management system with precise details for all and company-wide assets in one view
  • Project management tools work across systems, helping your teams stay coordinated
  • Manageable, worldwide technology development, with assignments routed to the right people
  • All work kept secure through automatic auditing
  • Respond faster to security incidents and vulnerabilities
  • Automatic notifications when users fall out of compliance with company policies
  • Meet internal and external standards with automated systems testing procedures
  • Thorough risk management process execution from identification to prioritization
  • Track, prioritize, and solve all customer support tickets, escalating and re-routing them when needed
  • Optimize your customer support strategy so you can resolve more tickets
  • Monitor progress from a central location and report on time savings, ticket count, and resolution rate
“Once we started building processes using K2, people started seeing the value of the digital transformation that it could bring.”
Tyler Clark, Systems Engineer, CSI
Modernizing IT processes and systems

Modernizing infrastructure, systems, and applications enables your company’s employees to be more productive and reduce IT’s workload so they can work on better aligning with the business. Driving innovation across your organization leads to better business outcomes such as better customer experience, optimized budget allocations, and minimized security risks. IT automation makes it easy to implement change management processes so your company can become more operationally efficient and increase savings with your technology investments.

IT teams worldwide rely on K2


Modernizing business processes

CSI’s digital transformation includes 50 automated K2 workflows, 30 of which involve no human interaction at all.

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