A better patient experience

Enhance the quality and coverage of healthcare while saving time and money with automated processes.

Automate processes throughout healthcare
  • Access and manage cases from a central location and get a holistic view of current hospital caseloads
  • Allow easy access for clinicians and back-office staff to real-time data, forms, and patient information pulled from various systems around the hospital
  • Automate documentation and reporting for all call center operations
  • Register and discharge patients following company processes and capture all patient information in a central location
  • Immediately send automated test results notifications to patients
  • Manage medical records in one place and update all systems that keep patient data on file
  • Respond to patient inquiries offsite and route cases to appropriate caregivers based on inquiry content
  • Capture, route, and track claims across their lifecycle to ensure compliance
  • Streamline authorization processes through automated communications between practices and payers
  • Reduce errors in billing and expedite revenue generation
  • Streamline your audit process with incident reporting management to monitor accidents and automatically notify the occupational health department
  • Provide clinicians with information around continuing education, notifying them when they need to fulfill their CE requirements
“Specialist healthcare workers no longer waste time going backwards and forwards, looking for the information they need. Our smoking cessation experts can now spend more time working with patients, helping them to stop smoking and lead healthier lives.”
Stephen Swann, Workflow and SharePoint Services Manager, BHSCT

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Automated administrative processes for £205,000 annual savings

Paper-based processes, like those for booking travel, were highly inefficient. With automated workflows from K2, users save 17 minutes each time they request a trip, and additional workflows are underway—allowing employees to focus on what matters most: patient care.

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