A better employee experience

Simplify HR day-to-day operations and create happier, more engaged employees.

Create an outstanding workplace

Streamline every HR process, from day 1 to retirement

  • Smoother employee onboarding and offboarding with every team coordinated
  • Annual performance reviews easily submitted and approved
  • Strong employee response to surveys with clear, actionable data findings
  • HR policies always up-to-date through automatic reminders
  • Professional training and development quickly approved and reimbursed

Help employees easily understand benefits

  • Employee self-service for immediate answers on benefits
  • Simpler health plan enrollment, with selections routed to HR and the health plan
  • Automatically-routed leave requests lead to well-planned staffing
“Before K2 was deployed, we depended heavily on individual employees and their knowledge of how processes worked. Now, all employees are able to follow the same simple K2 processes, and this reduces risk for the company.”
Markus Kasteiner, Systems and Network Manager, Gebauer & Griller
Why automate human resources processes?

The health of a business lies with its people, which is why happier and more engaged employees lead to high-quality customer experience. Removing paperwork from your HR teams’ workloads gives them the ability to focus on improving what really matters: the full employee lifecycle—onboarding, training and development, promotion opportunities, and offboarding. Providing a world-class employee experience drives your business forward through reduced attrition, greater profitability, and stronger customer relationships.

HR teams worldwide rely on K2


Launching more projects with rapid hiring

Golding Contractors has automated several processes, including workflows that allow for quick, consistent training and induction for new hires.

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