Get started faster with pre-built apps

Whether you want to use one of our pre-built templates to get started or have a simple application need that can be built using our App Wizard tool, the K2 platform enables you to get started building applications quickly.

How our tools help you get started quickly

  • Make your forms digital and your systems connected, saving money and time.
  • Make customers happy with fast, informed services.
  • Understand your data better with reporting and analytics tools.
  • Give everyone the power to make apps that solve problems.
  • Free your IT team for what’s important with K2’s low-code tools and security features.

“Without the K2 platform, building these processes and integrating them with the company’s line-of-business systems would have taken months of solid developer time. Instead, we can build very complex, meaningful applications in about four to six days per process.”

Pilam Rajatanavin, Thai Business Solutions

Learn how to jump start your applications with our
pre-built apps

K2 App Wizard in Action

The K2 App Wizard and K2 SmartStarters can take you from idea to reality in a few simple steps. Learn more about our pre-built app capabilities in this overview video.

From idea to app, really fast.

K2’s pre-built SmartStarters cover a wide variety of use cases across every department in the organization.

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