Celebrating Automation Success in 2020

The Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of organizations that have delivered world-class automation solutions on the K2 platform.  It has been a challenging year, but one where many organizations in the region have risen to the challenge to operate efficiently in ever-changing business conditions.

K2 Workplace Digital Transformation Award 2020

With 80 workflows now running on the K2 platform,  Oman LNG has significantly increased productivity and reduced manual effort across the entire organization with a focus on continuous improvement to better serve their employees and customers.  The Oman LNG team have automated everything from HR employee center services, to Contract Initiation Process and Risk Assessment processes.  With the onset of Covid-19, they revamped their critical Management of Change process to assess critical plant and non-plant related changes in half the time and enhanced their Visitor Management process to ensure site safety while reducing the speed of signing in valued visitors by 65%.

OMAN LNG - logo

K2 Government Solution of the Year Award 2020

The Ministry of Tourism in KSA is presented with this award for their forward-thinking approach to automation which provides a seamless end-to-end journey for their investors and employees.  With the rapid growth of the tourism industry in KSA, the Ministry implemented a comprehensive Tourism Licensing application built on K2 which is fully integrated with other relevant entities and systems across the Kingdom and allows each of their investors, from tour guides to 5 Star hotels, to complete the entire license application process online.  The Ministry also just launched a series of internal services for their own employees and are expecting the number of automated workflow requests to increase to more than 50,000 within the next year.

MT - KSA logo

K2 Private Sector Solution of the Year Award 2020

The winner of this award is The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) where their team has developed a series of award-worthy, complex solutions on the K2 platform. They built many external and internal applications with complex calculations, integration and process enhancements to achieve the target set by top management. One of the critical processes is now completely automated on the K2 platform and only 2% of requests require any human intervention. SAIB has also accelerated the launch of new products, services and campaigns by enabling collaboration with all stakeholders within weeks rather than months, allowing the bank to quickly react to changes in the market and they completely automated the manual processes in their legal department to minimize the amount of human interaction required.
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K2 Digital Innovation Award 2020

Bahrawi Trading Company wins this award for its innovative, out-of-the-box thinking that has improved employee efficiency and transformed the way they handle daily merchandising to meet the challenges presented by social distancing.  The Bahrawi team created a suite of K2-based solutions in 2020 that leverage barcodes for physical inventory and in-depth integration with their ERP system to automate merchandising and provide senior management with real-time information to make informed agile decisions.  With the onset of Covid 19, Bahrawi also built a powerful GPS-based time and attendance application in just 10 days to avoid using physical attendance systems.

Bahrawi - logo

K2 Digital Agility Award 2020

During 2020 the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) had to react quickly to the ever-changing landscape of Covid-19 to make sure that the Healthcare system in KSA continues to function efficiently with new safeguards put into place. Their award-winning efforts included rapid development of processes on the K2 platform to allow medical practitioners to safely work in the healthcare sector during Covid.  Some external-facing applications were built in just a few days. The agility of the SCFHS team in responding to the situation is commendable and resulted in over 1 million K2 instances created in 2020 alone.

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K2 Workflow Hero Award 2020

We are pleased to give this award to the deserving team at Oman Arab Bank for their continuous effort and dedication to enhancing customer experience and solving complex challenges across their business with K2.  Many of their internal processes are already automated but when faced with new challenges due to Covid-19, the Oman Arab Bank team built a loan deferment application in just a couple of days and they were the first bank in Oman to offer customers the ability to open a new bank account and top-up auto loans through a mobile app, thus reducing the need to visit the bank and submit paper-based forms.

Mike Wyatt

Customer Success Manager

“This year was the toughest year for judging the awards. For the fourth year in a row, we received the highest number of nominations ever across the Middle East. We have never had a year like 2020 where everyone has had to face so many unique challenges, and we wish we could give an award to all nominees. The amount and quality of work that has been completed in a short period of time is staggering, and we are honored to see that so many customers chose K2 to play a key part in achieving their goals. The amazing solutions that have been developed in the strangest of times shows that Digital Transformation is still at the heart of Customer Success, and we are privileged to be part of each of their journeys.

 I would like to personally thank everyone who participated this year and congratulations to the winners. Keep up the great work!”

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