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The K2 Middle East Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of organizations that have delivered world-class automation solutions on the K2 platform.conditions.

K2 Workplace Digital Transformation Award 2019

As an early adopter of K2 in Bahrain, the Bahrain Economic Development Board has worked hard to digitally transform 98% of their internal workflows on the K2 platform and achieve a paperless environment. They began with the most challenging business processes first, offering efficient integrated solutions to enhance employee experience and increase productivity. Some processes that used to take weeks can now be achieved in days and the team is able to respond quickly to adjustments in business requirements.

K2 Government Solution of the Year Award 2019

The winner of this prestigious award is the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties who have automated 30 workflows and digitized over 840 forms on the K2 platform in the past few years. Their success was a collaborative effort between IT and the business where many of the forms were created by non-technical users. Their solutions are bilingual, integrated with a variety of systems and support both internal employee services and thousands of health practitioners through their public portal. They have reduced the cost, time and effort from employees to meet business demand and reduced development time by 70%.

K2 Innovation Award 2019

King Saud University (KSU) wins this award for its dedication to providing innovative automated services on the K2 platform that deliver maximum impact, efficiency and convenience for thousands of users regardless of complexity. KSU has automated more than 50 services with 10-15,000 instances per month that include integration with student information, IP phone, parking gate, and payment systems, and external entities such as Yesser and the Ministry of Education. Processes that took days or even weeks can now be completed in hours.

K2 Acceleration Award 2019

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) wins this award because they are serious about reducing paper in the Ministry and it shows in their thoughtful approach to automation. In less than one year, MCIT has automated 24 services on the K2 platform which accounts for approximately 60% of their documented, verified forms. They partnered with an experienced vendor to accelerate their learning, then educated two recent graduates to take over, announced weekly form automation goals with support from all levels of the organization and implemented BI dashboards to measure progress against their KPIs.

K2 Digital Agility Award 2019

Since winning the Best Workplace Digital Transformation award in 2018, Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) has already built another 40 processes on the K2 platform with a team of 3 developers. Up to 98% of their processes have been fully utilized and span everything from employee services to business-critical oil well maintenance processes. With 100+ workflows automated to date, YASREF’s knowledge and experience give them the agility to deliver sophisticated, automated applications that improve efficiency and accelerate business decisions regardless of complexity or timeline.  

K2 Cloud Vision Award 2019

Dar Al-Mustafa wins this award for their powerful vision to automate every workflow they have in the Cloud and their courage to start their K2 Cloud journey with one of their most complex processes. In the past six months, they successfully consolidated weekly reporting on strategic tasks from employees across 16 departments for the CEO. Their vision is big and they currently have another 30 workflows ready for automation

K2 Workflow Hero Awards 2019

We are pleased to give this award to the deserving team at Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) who have become knowledgeable ambassadors for process automation and are committed to architecting solutions based on best practices and reusable assets to quickly meet the needs of their users. What began with a few employee services on the K2 platform in their first year, grew to 18 services three years later with another 45 fully automated internal employee services planned for delivery by the end of this year.
This award goes to the ambitious team at Saudi Telecom Company Solutions who have delivered 20+ internal workflows on the K2 platform in just six months as part of a company-wide directive to go paperless. Their commitment to learning from experience, establishing a long-term approach based on best practices and enabling their team, including two new graduates, to quickly meet the demands of the business is exceptional. 
Since winning the K2 Innovation Award last year, the dedicated team at the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) has delivered two more business-critical applications of note including the Oil Storage & Exploration Crude Daily Reporting process and Incident Action Plan process. These advanced applications were built on the K2 platform by two experienced and knowledgeable individuals over a period of 3-5 months, and their respective efforts in translating complex business requirements into an efficient automated solution have been invaluable to the business.

Quotes from the award judges:

Amy Romkey

Sales Director,
K2 Middle East

“Digital process automation is evolving and so is the way our customers are intelligently transforming their organizations with the K2 platform. More direct engagement with business users and customers, leadership visibility, and opportunities for new graduates to learn quickly have been stated by a number of customers as contributing factors to success. The scale and variety of applications our customers have delivered in a short period of time, continue to surprise me. The winners should be proud of their achievements.”

“For the third year in a row, we have received impressive success stories from customers – stories worth telling and celebrating. This proves that combining great software with visionary leadership can put organizations at the forefront of digital transformation.”

Yousef Eqtait

Director of Services,
K2 Middle East

Mike Wyatt

Customer Success Manager,
K2 Middle East

“We were thrilled to receive so many exceptional nominations from our customers across the region and were impressed with the ingenuity and team effort that have gone into each unique success story. It was not an easy task to choose a winner from so many deserving achievements. In the end, final decisions were made based on a number of factors including approach, speed of development, functionality, innovation, scale, complexity and overall business impact.”

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