K2 Middle East Blog

See below a collection of resources on intelligent automation and digital transformation.


Extending K2 Across Your Organisation

See industry examples of how K2 can be extended across different departments in an organization


FastFWD 2020 Recap: Customer Session

Relive the 2020 K2 Users Conference. One of the most important intelligent automation events on the calendar.


The Power of K2 – Intelligent Automation

Understand how K2’s intelligent automation platform can drive DPA and RPA in your organisation and the benefits that brings.


The Power of K2 – Integration

Explore how the power of integration with your line-of-business systems allows you to quickly develop automated workflows across your business.


The Power of K2 – Reuseabilty

Find out why the reuseability of assets is a key reason why K2 can help you build automated processes faster and cheaper than other platforms.

Journey to the Cloud

Accelerating Your Journey to the Cloud

Examine the reasons for moving to the Cloud and how to develop an effective strategy for a successful migration.

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